Imagine:an essay on world peace


作者:by David A. Britner


出版社:Strategic Book Group

出版地:Durham, Conn


ISBN:978-1-61897-581-2 ; 1-61897-581-1


Nations paying lip service to world peace while they continue business as usual are endangering the future of Earth. It is time for a new generation of peacemakers, with a different idea of what tomorrow should be, to step up and speak out. New plans which do not include peace at the point of a gun; new ideas which incorporate faith in the wisdom of world opinion; radical changes in behavior which demonstrate each of our ties to the other are all needed if we are to choose an enlightened existence over chaos.

The changes outlined in this small book are shocking, but they are possible and will work if initiated with strong will and true intent. This book tells us how to start over from the standpoint of how things should be, and more importantly, how to get there from here.

About the Author David A. Britner was born August 17th 1939 in Loraine Ohio and transplanted in Florida in 1949. He has a Masters degree in Metaphysics, and is a metaphysical teacher and advisor. He is a retired Fire Chief with thirty years in the fire service, ten as a private investigator. He has certification from the Florida Supreme Court as a Mediator and Guardian Ad Litem. He has served as an Arbitrator for the BBB and on numerous public service related committees and foundations. Through a lifetime of hands-on experiences he has become sympathetic to, and in awe of, the human experience.

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