Kid courageous


作者:by C. D. Nichols


出版社:Eloquent Books

出版地:Durham, CT


ISBN:978-1-61897-575-1 ; 1-61897-575-7


Kid Courageous is a book of short stories designed to appeal to young teens. Even though each story is distinct, they all share a common link-each main character displays some type of action or cunning that demonstrates courage and builds inner strength and confidence. Each story is easily accessible and relatable to teens. Young readers will find it easy to comfortably connect to the eight main characters, some boys and some girls, as they negotiate life's challenges in a high school setting. Today, short stories fit efficiently into our children's busy lives. Even though our kids may only have time to read one story in a sitting, they will be eager to pick up Kid Courageous once again.

About the Author:

Author Coral Nichols is inspired by children and the written word. She is a past high school teacher's aide who loves to express herself through writing. Currently, she teaches an occasional Writing for Children's course at her local community college. Coral Nichols grew up in Guildford, New South Wales, Australia, and now resides in South Penrith.

  • The Guitar(p.1)
  • The Error of Her Ways(p.13)
  • Nathan’s Problem(p.21)
  • Take Your Partner(p.27)
  • Soar with the Eagles(p.37)
  • We’ll Fix ’Em(p.43)
  • Sam’s Hero(p.49)
  • A Christmas Miracle(p.55)