The magic amphora


作者:by Donna Brooks


出版社:Eloquent Books

出版地:New York, NY


ISBN:978-1-61897-554-6 ; 1-61897-554-4

'The Magic Amphora' is the first book of a three story trilogy based on the adventures of Raya and her close group of friends.

'The Golden Spindle' is book two, where Raya and friends make new friends and solve another important riddle.

Book three, 'The Starry Triangle', is when Raya and friends journey to a far away place in search of the invisible castle.

Donna Brooks came to America in 1986 from Poland. She lives in suburban Chicago with her husband and her two children, Paulina and Bart. Her three children, Radek, Agnes, and Bea are grown with children of their own. 'The Magic Amphora' is her first book with more to come.

  • Dedication(p.3)
  • Acknowledgements(p.4)
  • Introduction(p.5)
  • story(p.6)